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Animal Repellants

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Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit

Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit

We believe that there is no better product on the market than Liquid Fence. Our customers must agree because they return, time after time, to buy this product. It truly works, as advertised, when used as directed. We recommend starting the application, especially if you are trying to deter deer from eating your tulips and hosta, when they first come up in the spring. Make sure that you reapply the product every two weeks, or so, depending on the amount of precipitation that we have. We also recommend adding a surfactant, such as Fertilome or High Yield Spreader Sticker, to the mix, to make the product last longer and need fewer repeat applications. If you do this, you will train the deer to leave you alone…..honest! The other products work as well. They are all organic, so that they will not physically harm any animal.


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