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Liquid Fence Snake Repellent

Liquid Fence Snake Repellent

Chase snakes away – naturally!

Keep snakes off your patio, out of your rock garden or foundation and away from your family, pets and livestock – with Liquid Fence Snake Repellents. The makers of Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent have created a naphthalene-free repellent that drastically reduces disturbing – and sometime dangerous – snake infestation problems.

No naphthalene means no worries!

Many snake repellents contain Naphthalene (the major component in mothballs). Scientific studies have shown that this chemical presents health hazards to both humans and animals. In fact, the EPA has classified it as a Group C, possible human carcinogen. Liquid Fence Snake Repellent contains NO naphthalene. In fact, all the ingredients in Liquid Fence Snake Repellent are on the EPA’s FIFRA 25(b) list of minimal risk ingredients.

How it works…

A snake’s sense of smell and taste is vitally important to its ability to gather information and survive. The ingredients in Liquid Fence Snake Repellents irritate and confuse the snake’s chemosensory systems. Simply put, it impairs the snake’s ability to gather information about its surrounding environment, forcing it to look elsewhere to live. Liquid Fence Snake Repellents have been independent lab tested and proven effective. Please note that repellency is unique to the individual snake, not just the species or genus. Therefore, results may vary.

Now there are two easy-to-use varieties

Liquid Fence Snake Repellent now comes in granular varieties. The Liquid Fence Snake Repellent Granular has a time-release formula, making it particularly long-lasting. And its easy-to-use shaker bottle means there’s no need for a spreader!

Just apply Liquid Fence Snake Repellent granular on and around areas where snakes are present – rocks, boards, flagstones, foundations and crawlspaces. Or, create a perimeter barrier around property, buildings, or landscaped garden areas. The perimeter method is perfect for campers – it’s a great way to keep snakes away from campsites and tents!

Key Features

Easy-to-use & Long Lasting
Bilingual English/Spanish labels

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