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Gardening Tasks By Month

Gardening Tasks By Month

Camdenton Farm & Garden, in Camdenton, Missouri, specializes in you and your garden.  We carry all of the supplies that you will need to keep your fruit trees fruiting, your flowers blooming, and your lawn lush and weed-free.  Please read our recommendation by month below.  Follow the links to products that we carry that we have found to be successful for our customers.  Obviously, weather has a lot to do with what we recommend.  A earlier, warmer spring will, of course, move the schedule ahead.  Please consult us should you have any questions.



Enjoy indoor gardening & rest.  Read nursery catalogs and view web site for ideas for the coming spring. Start slow growers like geraniums, delphinium, and pansies indoors.  Sweep heavy snows off evergreens to prevent broken branches. Contact the staff at Camdenton Farm & Garden with any special requests for products that you may need for Spring.  We will do our best to find them for you.


Begin pruning roses & fruit trees and feed all.   Prune early flowering shrubs only after bloom.   Spray fruit trees with dormant oil when temperature exceeds 40 degrees & before they leaf out.  Apply Fertilome Crabgrass With Fertilizer to your lawn and Hi-Yield Ornamental Weed And Grass Stopper to your perennial gardens.  Reapply after additional plantings to prevent further weed growth.  Each year will be different, obviously.   A good rule of thumb is to apply your first pre-emergent when the forsythia are blooming.  Talk to us regarding products to apply and when.  Check out our holiday” lawn application schedule and let us come up with a program for your lawn and garden for the coming year.  Plant cool weather vegetables from Camdenton Farm and Garden, such as potatoes, spinach, lettuce, etc.  We carry all of these products in seeds and bedding plants.  Check out our heirloom varieties from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.


Pull mulch back from the crowns of perennials.  Begin planting seedlings outside.  Overseed areas of yard with grass seed from Camdenton Farm & Garden.  Don’t forget Fertilome New Lawn Starter fertilizer.  This is a great time to divide perennials such as hosta. Plant vegetables from Camdenton Farm & Garden. Don’t forget to use Fertilome Root Stimulator with everything that you plant to give you purchase a “boost.”  Spray fruiting plants with Natural Guard Liquid Copper and neem oil to protect them from fungal diseases and insects.   Start spraying emerging perennials such as hosta and tulips with Liquid Fence.  Repeat this process every two weeks and more often should rain be a factor. It really works!


Water new trees and shrubs well.  Sprinkle seedbeds to keep moist.  Stake tomato plants.  When you see “candling” of evergreens, such as pines and spruces, apply Fertilome Insecticidal Drench around the trunk of the tree to prevent boring insects.  Re-apply Fertilome Crabgrass Preventer With Fertilizer or Hi-Yield Weed & Feed, if broadleaf weeds are a problems, from Camdenton Farm & Garden, around Memorial Day.  Continue to apply Natural Guard Copper Soap to fruit trees and roses every 2-4 weeks depending on ambient humidity and temperature to prevent fungal diseases.  Enjoy the end of the day with a glass of wine while walking your yard!


Feed roses.  Use Fertilome Systemic Fungicide to prevent black spot. Pinch back garden mums, petunias, and most annuals for low, bushy growth.  Don’t forget to use Liquid Fence every 2-3 weeks on deer food such as hosta. Don’t mow your lawn too short.  Keep setting of blade at 3 1/2 inches or greater. Water lawn once to twice weekly. Do not water at night to prevent fungal problems. Water deeply when you do water, not small amount at a time.  Prune evergreens and shrubs to desired shape and size.


Divide iris if overcrowded. Trim iris decayed or corky ends to fan shape.  Harvest bush fruits daily. Cut back hardy mums and stonecrop  sedum varieties to half their height to prevent early blooming and make plant more full.  Remember holiday feeding of your lawn.  This is a good time to put down a weed and feed product to treat broad-leafed weeds in your lawn.  Sit on patio at the end of the day and enjoy a cool libation.


Water lawn once weekly…only if mother nature has not provided moisture herself.  Don’t be afraid to cut back perennials to force re-blooming.  Remember to continue to apply Liquid Fence to your tender perennials every 2-3 weeks to ward off pests.   If you don’t plan on over-seeding your lawn in September, apply weed and feed around Memorial Day, especially if you didn’t do it around the 4th of July.


September is absolutely the best month to over-seed your lawn or start a new lawn.  Please click here for instructions for a perfect lawn.    Irregardless, we have all of the products from grass seed, lime, and new lawn starter fertilizer that you need.  Ask us about a lawn care program for your home or business.   This is also a great time to plant trees, perennials, and shrubs.


Plant spring-flowering bulbs after the first frost.  Prune back shrubs as you would like.  Apply mulch to elephant ears and mums after killing frost. Do not remove dead mum growth and add extra mulch to protect crown.


Clean and oil tools. Empty gas from all power tools and run engine until it stops.  Apply Fertilome Winterizing Fertilizer to your lawn around Thanksgiving. Clean your bird feeders  with a dilute solution of bleach.  Get bird feed, suet,and bird feeders from Camdenton Farm & Garden.  Get you Fraser fir Christmas tree from us around Thanksgiving.  Let the staff know what size tree you would like, as well as wreaths and pine roping.

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