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Liquid Fence Armadillo Repellent Hose-On

Liquid Fence Armadillo Repellent

Give Armadillos the Boot!

Armadillos forage at dusk and dig burrows that can extend up to 25 feet long, disrupting root systems of trees, shrubs and ornamentals. The snout-wielding insectivores dig up lawns, poking under loose leaves, and burrowing in gardens for their preferred food of choice: insects, grubs, mole crickets, earthworms, caterpillars, beetles, and more. Since one armadillo is capable of maintaining up to 12 burrows, the damage to lawns, gardens, commercial farms and nurseries can be substantial. To compound the damage, their frenzied digging can damage concrete slabs and weaken your home’s foundation.

Burrows be-gone!

You can try eliminating their food source with pesticides that need several applications and may be toxic to beneficial insects, your plants, pets and family. Or you can use an animal repellent like Liquid Fence Armadillo Repellent. The unique formula repellent covers the armadillos’ food source, creating an undesirable meal and causing them to look elsewhere for food.

From Florida to Oklahoma, Missouri to southern Indiana, armadillos are moving across America, damaging landscapes and gardens – one yard at a time. These armor-plated mini tanks can turn a lawn and landscape into a battlefield and ruin thousands of dollars in valuable plants, landscape and flowerbeds.

The Liquid Fence Company is commanding these mini tanks to “Move on out!”

This Armadillo Repellent has a long-lasting, non-gel formula that won’t clog sprayers and is as easy-to-apply as watering the lawn and it is safe on all vegetation.

How to use…

Apply Liquid Fence Armadillo Repellent liberally to lawns or landscaped areas. The long-lasting, non-gel formula won’t clog sprayers and is as easy-to-apply as watering your lawn. Liquid Fence Armadillo Repellent is available in ready-to-use quart, gallon, and the convenient 2.5 gallon concentrate that covers approximately 50,000 square feet.

Non-gelling means non-clogging

Liquid Fence Armadillo Repellent will keep hose-end type sprayers clog-free at temperatures as low as 33 degrees fahrenheit – much lower than other armadillo repellents that will gel and clog at average well water temperature!

Key Features

Stops the digging!
Non-gelling, non-clogging
Easy-to-use & Long lasting
Will not harm vegetation
Bilingual English/Spanish labels

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